Divorce Mediation

I offer mediation services for all kinds of families in all situations and stages of divorce and beyond. I am here to guide and empower parents to develop workable solutions to their divorce and custody quandries that enable families to move forward while avoiding the stress and expense of litigation.

Family agreements & Estate Planning

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements are ways to provide to prepare for the possibility of divorce while partners are still effectively communicating. Wills and powers of attorney similarly prepare for the hard realities of managing property and health care decisions in the event of serious illness or death.


Guardian Ad Litem and Child Representation

Your children's best interests and wishes have a central place in families during and after the divorce process. I represent children in pre-decree and post-decree cases to help ensure that your children have a voice in court at any stage of litigation. 


Child Protection Litigation

When a child is taken into protective custody, parents face numerous legal difficulty in reasserting their parental rights. I represent parents whose children are in child protection court, whether the children are home under a safety plan or are in the care of the state.



International Parental Abduction

I represent parents in cases arising under the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. I help parents determine whether their children's custody may be governed by the laws of a country outside the United States and represent parents in cases alleging or challenging a appropriateness of child's presence in the United States.


Traditional, step-parent, grandparent adoptions all can provide children with the stable family structure that will enable them to thrive and grow. Whether you are adopting a child whom you are already parenting or are just getting started, legal advice on court requirements and next steps can facilitate the birth of your new family.